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Do wool dryer balls reduce drying time?

Do wool dryer balls reduce drying time?

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Do wool dryer balls reduce drying time?

Yes! Dryer balls reduce drying time by getting in between items in the dryers and helping to separate them as the tumble.  This promotes better air circulation within the dryer helping to more quickly evaporate moisture in the towels and draw it away.

I did a little experiment to see what the time difference is when drying with and without dryer balls. I dried two equal loads of towels one with dryer balls, and one without.

The load with the dryer balls was done roughly 8 minutes sooner than the load without. That is more than enough of a time and energy savings to make me happy.

The longer load went for about 38 minutes, and the shorter one went for 30 minutes.  That works out to be a little over 20% savings. Not quite as good as Woolzies own claim of 25% savings, but still great in my book!

Do wool dryer balls work for static?

Yes, wool dryer balls work amazingly well to get rid of static. I used to have a lot of static in my laundry especially when washing towels.

Since I started using wool dryer balls I have had no static in my clothes or towels whatsoever!

The other day I accidentally ran a load of laundry without dryer balls and the load wasn’t dryer the first time I checked it when it usually would have with dryer balls. And, worst of all when the load was finally dry it was a very staticky load.

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